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Client Testimonials

Kashif Ahmed

“Working with Expertiz has been a very productive experience. The Team have been able to get resumes and contacts from engineers all over the world. Because of their background and past experience, they brought forward the right candidates whose resumes matched our requirements very closely, which made the whole process very productive. Expertiz was very proactive in working with candidates and getting them prepared for the interviews and in coordinating the phone calls. Team Expertiz understands the mixed signal design process and the kind of skills needed for different types of jobs, for different levels.
In summary, Expertiz is one of the best recruiters I have worked with.”

Executive Director of Engineering Mindspeed Technologies

Applied has worked with the team at Expertiz for a number of searches for the recruitment of key staff. We have found the team at Expertiz to be focused and energetic. They take time to understand our needs and present us with candidates who are well suited for the roles in question. Their service has been personal, consultative, and friendly, with the team providing constructive analysis of the recruitment market to help us grow our professional team. Their assistance and professionalism has been an instrumental part of building the team at Applied, which has grown considerably over the last year, with Expertiz putting forward a number of high calibre candidates and assisting with confidential negotiations. Their friendly and professional approach, with a firm emphasis on getting the best for both the candidate and the potential employer, was a refreshing change from some other recruitment consultants we have dealt with. We are very impressed with the service we received from Expertiz.

HR Manager Applied Development
Prem Kumar Pabbisetty

Ananth is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He takes time to understand the company needs and customizes his search based on it. He also does a good job of explaining about the company to the candidate and does regular follow ups. Unlike many recruiters, its not a money game for him, he really enjoys placing the right people in the right place. He has a good understanding of technology as well, which is as a major plus while trying to sourcing candidates for technology companies

Head of Engineering, MD (India) AdapTV (now AOL)
Bipin Nambiar

We have been working for a long time with Ananth. Unlike many recruiters in the market, Ananth takes time to understand our needs and sends us the right profiles that fit with our organisation. We are focused on recruiting and retaining quality technical resources rather than large numbers of average developers. Ananth understands and shares these values. He is also transparent with both the developers and us. This has resulted in the fact that most of the developers he has recruited still work for us and continue to produce excellent results. He is also easy to deal with and communicate with and has a technical background that is critical for success in his role.

Founder, Managing Director Applied Development (now Benelux - Aspire Systems)

Expertiz has played a very important role to grow our team in India. They are very professional and knowledgeable in the recruitment industry and we value their inputs on our hiring. Their quick turnaround time and candidate management and handholding has resulted in good, quick hires. We wish them the very best and hope to get continued support from them in our hiring efforts.



Avilay HR

PWW Distribution India Pvt Ltd

HR Manager PWW Distribution India Pvt Ltd

Candidate Testimonials

Gurudas Parwani

My experience in dealings with Expertiz was an excellent one. Their execution is good and they have very good response time with pretty good sense of customer service.

CEO Smart Guard Systems
Sean Song

Although the physical distance between Expertiz and me is huge, I didn't feel that during the days we closely communicated. They found me a good opportunity in the industry that I've been devoted to, for about 9 years. The process was smooth with well arranged interviews, telephone calls and online chats. It was like a software project that was well designed and implemented by experienced engineers. I was very happy, for I got not only a job, but also a friend from Expertiz. I would definitely recommend Expertiz for its efficiency and professionalism.

DSP Engineer Mindspeed Technologies
Seema Jain

Just a short note to thank Expertiz for their effort in finding me an apt opportunity. I value the role played by Expertiz in finding a well suited role for me and I was highly impressed with their enthusiasm, knowledge and proactive approach. The entire process was very smooth and I would personally recommend Expertiz for their understanding of the candidate profile, the role and their matching abilities which has lead me to the right job opportunity.

Account Manager JCDecaux
Umakanth Reddy

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Expertiz Team for their continued support in finding a new job for me. You have also helped facilitate a change in career for which I am very thankful. It is rare that a recruitment agency actually listens to a candidate and provides real career advice. They usually concentrate more on their clients, but Expertiz definitely cares about their candidates, gives support throughout process. I will definitely recommend them.

Software Engineer Applied Development