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Job Description

Urgent Opening for Branch Head-chennai

Posted On : 17th Jul 2015 10:50 AM Back to jobs list
Location Chennai
Role / Position Branch Head
Experience (required) 6+ Years

Our client  is a customer centric Medical Tourism facilitation company

Position Title: Branch Head (service center)

Reporting to: Country head or CEO as applicable

Location: Chennai


Operating the office as the single point of contact Responsible for all results of the branch meeting HR objectives, profitability, accounts receivable, advertisement, marketing, travel request. 

Key areas of contribution:

  • Specific job duties will include the following: 

  • Be responsible for all the day to day operations of the office mentioned below.


  • Be involved and responsible for recruitment of new personnel, prepare their job descriptions, conduct interviews and make recommendations for recruitment. 

  • Train new recruits and ensure they are familiar with office procedure and process as well as complete their training programs. 

  • Mentor the personnel working and provide them career advancement opportunities.

  • Set objectives and goals for all personnel and set up for self too in discussion with your supervisor. 

  • Allocate work to the personnel based on the position for which they have been recruited.

  • Provide induction training for new employees and complete all mandatory CBT for the role for which the candidate is selected.

  • Support in the continuous training of self and personnel working in the office. 

  • Develop a second leadership to delegate in case of contingencies. 

  • Guide and monitor the performance of Resident representatives under their supervision. 

  • Conduct periodic meeting with personnel working in office to evaluate, review educate, motivate, and inform them of developments in organization.

  • In coordination with HR department, conduct exit interview for departing employees.

  • Approve vacation, holidays and time off of employees in line with company policy. 

  • Process and procedure:

  • Ensure to implement and follow the process and procedure established by the organization.

  • Make recommendations to change the process / procedure based on operational contingencies and justification. 

  • For day to operations, follow established procedure..

  • In case of emergency, follow the established procedure for addressing and solving it.

  • Based on actual situation, make recommendations for changes to the procedure – Red book, blue book, procedures, process flows, forms etc.

Reporting and budgeting:

  • Coordinate, collect and provide details of day to day operations on the weekly report and monthly reports, 

  • Support in budgeting process. 

  • Responsible for cash flow, banking operations, branch finance statements with support from head office.

  • Responsible to ensure that all service providers are paid within the contractually agreed time

Client management:

  • Review with hospital the additional payment request for treatment and ensure that the client makes the payment or advise the client center accordingly. 

  • Monitor the inbox of the contact mail and reply to the Client within the time period set in the service levels expectation document.

  • Respond to and ensure that the personnel in office respond to telephone calls within the time set in the service level expectation document.

  • Ensure that we provide all details of hospital, country, and doctor to client and ensure that the client selects the one more comfortable to his liking. (dual role )

  • Provide update to client center on progress of client treatment. 

  • In case of emergency call up the client’s nearest relative / friend and ensure that they are kept informed of the emergency situation including updates. 

  • Ensure that all the data pertaining to client management are captured in the software and the statistics provided to website administrator.

  • Ensure that the privacy and integrity of data of the client is maintained. 

  • Be aware of commitments made by client center personnel to clients and ensure that commitments made are honored. 

Facilities management

  • Ensure that all facilities like IT, communication, travel support, accommodation, hospital stay, treatment of the patient sent by overseas offices are available to customer and delight him

  • Ensure that the office is clean, well maintained and all facilities are functional.

  • Ensure that there is redundancy in all activities especially activities related to the patients coming for treatment. 

  • Ensure that all facilities are optimally utilized.

  • Review the service providers and their level of competency and recommend them for inclusion in our approved list.

  • Discuss with hospitals and arrange for tie-up letters with them. 

  • Ensure that the patients are received and treated properly as per the blue book.

  • Maintain harmonious relations in the office, with vendors, service providers and hospitals.

  • Ensure that all personnel are adequately equipped to carry out their function and in case of inadequacies follow up with supervisor to obtain it.

  • In coordination with IT head, ensure that the software are update and in compliance with local rules.

  • In coordination with IT head, ensure that the hardware is kept clean and updated in line with company policies.

General office policies:

  • Responsible to ensure that there is no discrimination or harassment of any person on account of gender, race, color, origin, education or background. We have a zero tolerance on any form of discrimination or harassment.

  • Responsible to ensure that the office is a safe and secure place for the working of all personnel:

  • Identify potential sources of security and safety (fire, water, burglary, ergonomics, working standards, privacy, information etc.) breach and in discussions with management plug the gaps.

  • Ensure that all the statutory requirements of the local Government, provincial and federal Government are complied with.

  • In coordination with the accounts department, ensure that the TDS of all personal are deducted and paid into the department designated account. 

  • Work together with HR and work out the final settlement due to personnel who quit their job.

  • Marketing and coordination with Service providers:

  • Identify and tie up with all the service providers and hospitals based on our agreement standards.

  • Prepare presentations to hospitals, service providers to highlight our capabilities, plans, visions and expansion plans.

  • Review agreements and recommend changes or acceptance to management for approval.

  • Review the standards of service provided by service providers periodically and provide feedback to them. 

Qualifications for the position:

  • Preferably a science graduate/ MBA with 2 or more years of experience in a multicultural background

  • Experienced in service industry, hospital, or hospitality background

  • Having managed a team is advantageous but not essential. 

  • Proficient with MS office applications

  • Have basic knowledge in agreements, contracts and negotiations.

  • Advantageous to have basic knowledge on marketing, book keeping, accounts, cash flow but not essential

  • Experienced in development and review of process, procedure based on functional and operational requirement

Personal Qualities:

  • Be a team player with good interpersonal skills.

  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and spoken) to interact with personnel at all levels

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

  • Organized and able to prioritize time based on situation.

  • Problem solving skills, and out of box solutions (within the established policies and procedures)


  • It is expected that you will have to travel 10% - 20 % of your time.

  • It is likely that you may travel abroad, so expected to have a passport.


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