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Building enduring & long lasting relationships with our clients is our aim.

Our recruiters are known for their agility,accessibility, responsiveness and attentiveness. They always walk the extra mile to understand the clients brief & business.

We work very hard to make the recruitment process easier, seamless and more enjoyable. We’re committed to meeting your hiring needs at every step, so we agree to project timelines and deliverables at the very start of process. For us, its not just about money.

We've some amazing success stories to share in our journey so far. Talk to us to find out more about how we can cater to your hiring needs

Success Stories

Our client was a multi million dollar venture backed startup having a 200+ member product team in the US. This was built over the 5-6 years and they had some of the best technologists in the industries from schools like Stanford and UCLA. Their director was relocating to Hyderabad, India to build a similar team.

The Challenge: To build the best engineering team in both frontend and backend within 3 months, to ramp up product development from India

The Approach: We took a few unique steps to find the right talent.

> Typical CV databases have limited number of candidates of the quality that we needed. Most of them were passive candidate. While LinkedIn had a decent number of candidates, it was difficult to see if they would fit into the startup culture

>  We started looking at places where coders hangout - stackoverflow, coderwall, github and others and started talking to people on what they do outside work.

> Branding was important as the company didn't have a presence in India yet. We started sharing a lot of information about the company including funding information, press reviews, CEO interviews and engineering team profiles.

The Result: We pretty much closed all the open roles in Frontend and also made some active closures in the backend as well.

Two years later, when the company got acquired for almost $400 million, the now sizeable HYD team won appreciation and accolades for its contribution toward development of the product. We were glad to know that we played a small part as well

To top it up, the director who setup the HYD team joined another startup in the US and we are now setting up their team in San Francisco.