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Job Description

Technical Architect -Travel Technology

Posted On : 04th Jul 2019 08:49 AM Back to jobs list
Location Delhi
Role / Position Urgent Opening for Technical Architect - Travel Technology- Delhi
Experience (required) 10

Experience should be 10 + yrs
- Candidates should have Strong experience in designing and working with n-tier architectures (UI, Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer)

Responsibilities :

  • Provide technical direction to the team and should be a key contributor 
  • Responsible for designing, developing and integrating Web based applications and related backend systems
  • Responsible for defining and maintaining the overall architecture for all system/program/initiatives
  • Ability to solve highly technical complex problems and be called on to deliver within tight deadlines
  • Envisioning architectural scheme, information structure, features, functionality and user-interface  design
  • Creating user scenarios, preparing data models, work-and dataflow and navigation
  • Conducting creative meetings
  • Up to date knowledge of technical applications
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to build from good relationships with clients/operational managers and colleagues
  • Ability to gather and integrate information
  • Good knowledge of quality standards and best practices
  • Ability to be adapt and prioritise
  • Ability to think ahead and anticipate problems, issues and solutions

Some of the main tasks you can expect to be involved in include: 

  • Identifying the customer's needs
  • Breaking down large scale projects into manageable chunks
  • Explaining to designers and developers what's required and overseeing the progress
  • Producing documents that drive the progress and ensure the quality of the project


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